1978 ASEAN School Games partial Results

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2nd Asean School Games, Kuala Lumpur 1978


oik cum

Oik Cum time was good enough to qualify for the Asian Games



Saik Oik She broke the meet record established the previous year by
Charmaine Gomes (25.5). It was a controversial win as observers claimed
she had gone 4 meters before the gun went off. Gomes tied her games
record but it was only good enough to  finish with the silver this time
behind her team mate.

1. Saik Oik Cum Malaysia 24.7

2. Charmaine Gomes Malaysia 25.5

3. Munirat Alatas Singapore 25.7

various sources from straits times



17 year-old Starlet of Indonesia broke the games record

1. Starlet Indonesia 2:17.4

2. Sandra Deans Singapore 2:21.3

3. Krishnavanie Malaysia 2:23.9



1. Starlet Indonesia 4:49.9



Petrus won the race, Virginia Ee was booed by the crowd for
accidentally bumping into Petrus on the third lap. But finished 395m
behind Petrus.

1. Agnes Petrus Malaysia 11:26.3

2. Josefina Bonso Philippines 11:36.9

3. Su Lasmi Indonesia 11:48.6

Virginia Ee Singapore


100m Hurdles

Mohammed was 8 meters clear of Asih of Indonesia.

1. Faudziah Mohammed Singapore 15.7

2.Win Asih Indonesia 16.9

3. Khalidat Taha Malaysia 17.0

4. Elaine Seow Singapore


Long Jump

Ramli broke the meet record

1. Juridah Ramli Malaysia 5.36m

2. Andani Indonesia 5.07m

3. Made Sukartini Indonesia 4.81m


High Jump

1. Harban Kaur Malaysia 1.59m



1. Carmen Jahaya Indonesia 10.87m

2. Josianne Pestana Singapore 9.07m

3. Lee Mei Lin Malaysia 8.89m




Alfred set a meet record beating the old mark by 5/10 of a second

1. Elfron Alfred Malaysia 21.7

2. Wi Thayainthog Thailand 22.6

3. Julius Affar Indonesia 22.7

4. Richard Seow Singapore



Nair set a meet record

1. Sasitharan Nair Malaysia 1:57.3

2. Misnan Jaya Indonesia 1:57.3

3. Alsran Abdul Karim Malaysia 1:58.2


2000m Steeple Chase

1. Karsesnan Malaysia 6:17.1

2. V. Murugayah Malaysia 6:26.4

3. Liham Indonesia 6:32.4


110 Hurdles

1. Chow Yee Onn Singapore 15.3

2. Ang Kwee Tiang Singapore 16.2

3. Nestor Fermemtere Philippines 16.7



Singapore broke the meet record

1. Singapore 43.3 (Paul Su,  Yang Tuck Seng, Ganesan Kasee, Richard Seow)

2. Malaysia 43.4

3. Indonesia 43.6


High Jump

Tsao came in with a previous best of 1.85m. He beat Ariffin on
countback as he had cleared 1.91m first. The bar was raised to 1.96m
which both then failed. His tactic was to raise the bar to a height he
knew Ariffin would fail.

1. Alfred Tsao Singapore 1.91m

2. Ariffin Rahmat Malaysia 1.91m

3. Lim Jew Kam Singapore 1.85m


Triple Jump

1. Alfred Tsao Singapore 14.78m



1. Huan Hong Patt Malaysia 53.62m

2. Nada Indonesia 51.36m

3. Ng Bock Huat Malaysia 46.40m





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