Twitch of Flinch no longer a false Start?

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Twitch of Flinch no longer a false Start?

The danger of one inadvertent twitch ruining the greatest day of a sprinter’s life has been removed after athletics’ governing body softened the rules on false starts ahead of the London Olympics.

The little-publicised clarification by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) permits athletes to move in the starting blocks without being disqualified so long as their hands do not leave the ground or their feet the blocks.

Previously, such twitching or flinching could have resulted in disqualification at the discretion of the starter.

The Evolution of the Sprint Start rules

Is this good? should flinchers be dqed.

Let me try and think how the rules have changed.

  1. One warning per athlete and then dqed if same athlete breaks. ?
  2.  One warning on whole field if one athlete breaks and then dqed regardless who makes second false start.
  3. One Automatic DQ for any movement in the blocks after the set position
  4. One DQ for leaving the blocks, movement not judged as false start.

Also does anyone remember how the IAAF tried to introduce that stupid beep or gun recorded sound?

And about 90% of people who where asked to vote on it hated it.


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