Do Power Cleans develop fast twitch muscles sprinting?

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power cleans

diagram of power cleans steps Photo Credit:

diagram of power cleans steps
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Power Cleans

Today we will discuss one of the most underestimated exercises: Power Cleans (or Barbell Cleans/Barbell Clean). Underestimated as far as I am concerned since if you tell me that you rarely see bodybuilders doing legs – much less would you see people doing power cleans or any power move at all.

Power Cleans are great for increased explosiveness most power lifters and athletes do cleans on a regular basis but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a place in bodybuilding.

Cleans train proper explosiveness and trains one how to transfer force properly from his lower body, to his hips to his upper body. As you can see cleans is a very easy way to include explosion exercises into your regimen.

Power Cleans Will Make You Stronger in The Long Run?

power clean

Now that’s some sick cleans!!!

Training explosive movement also means that you will be recruiting some heavy duty fast-twitch muscles – which means you, will get to TRAIN and DEVELOP these heavy duty fast twitch muscles and results will be you will become stronger over all if you regularly execute explosion movements in your regimen

The Power cleans is a power-lifting “speed-move” as they call it; and it involves explosive execution. For complete beginners, I suggest you take a very light weight and practice this first or have a seasoned lifter assist you in your form.

The disadvantage of this move is that you will rarely find a gym where people perform moves such as these. But if you are in a gym where power-lifters train then you are in luck. But as far as power-lifting explosion moves go this is by far the most basic one. This exercise is also included in our Vertical Jump regimen because of its explosive nature.

-You will start this move with the weight (a loaded barbell) on ground much like how you would in a dead lift. -Load it up with a weight that you can safely barbell bicep curl for ten reps (for safety purposes but you can go heavy once you are used to it) and then grab the weight from ground with an overhand shoulder-width grip (it can be a little bit wider but not too much).

-Now as you go up using the form of someone who is about to lift a barbell in a deadlift which means in a squatting position knees bent – NOT THE BACK.

-Halfway as you go up explode using your hips and bring the weight in front of you and the end part must resemble the starting position of a front barbell shoulder press. Bring the weight to starting position repeat.



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