Caleb Stuart ‘The Man Mountain’ launches a new Era in Philippine Athletics as he goes for two golds at SEA Games

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Caleb Stuart

Caleb Stuart

Article by Andrew Pirie, ATFS Statistician 

An exciting new discovery 24 year old Caleb Stuart. Caleb is looking at bringing two gold medals to the South East Asian Games Athletics effort in Singapore in June. Stuart has just graduated from University California- Riverside. He  is looking forward to a long successful career with Philippine Sports.

Caleb Stuart stands at 6’2 and 250 lbs could be one of the most dominant and formidable throwers ever to represent the Philippines. Previosuly since Fil-Mexican Josephine Dela Vina (11th in the Olympic Games 1968) took the Asian Games and Asian Championship medals in 1966 and 1973.

Caleb Stuart

Hammer is his best event

Caleb Stuart has a personal best in the Hammer Throw of 67.24m. This is well above the SEA games record of 62.23m of Tantiphong Phetchaiya of Thailand. Phetchaiya has won the last two SEA Games. Prior to that the four SEA Games golds in a row were won by Arniel Ferrera in the Hammer.

Ferrera now 33 holds the Philippine record at 61.69 meters. In Stuart we may now have found a worthy heir to the four time gold medalist Arniel who can restore the gold medal to the Philippines.

For this year Jackie Wong Cheer of Malaysia the SEA Bronze medalist ranks 2nd with 62.19m, Ferrera 3rd with 59.79m during the weekly relay finals and  Phetchaiya 4th with 58.32m


Also very good at Shot-put

Caleb also excels at his secondary event the Shot-put. His best throw is 17.88m well above the SEA games record of 17.64m. Also above the SEA Games medal of another Thai Thawin Khachin (17.54m). Three Thai’s Janthima (16.94), Polyeam (16.86) and Thawat (16.80) rank behind him. The PNG Champion Eleazer Sunang who holds the National Record of 16.74m set at the Thailand Open in 2013, but has only managed 15.70m this year at the Vietnam Open.

Sunang, 29 who recently became a parent with his wife long jump queen Marestella Torrrs. In the spirit of good sportsmanship welcomed the discovery of Stuart. saying it was extremely good for the sport to have an athlete of his caliber represent the Philippines who can win us the gold at SEA Games.

For its part the Philippines has never won a medal since it first participated in the SEA Games in 1977, it has also never won a Shot-put Medal at Asian Games or any other major international meet.

Also throws Discus

Most of the time good rotational throwers in Hammer often excel next at Discus rather than Shot-put. Caleb however has Discus has his #3 event. He has a personal best of 49.96m, which is #5 in South East Asia this year. The list is led by 19 year old Muhammed Shamsuddin of Malaysia who is also the SEA Games record holder and champion with 53.16m. Shamsuddin improved his best throw to 54.26m.

The Philippine Record was set by Fidel Repizo whose mark of 52.10m was the Philippines only win in this event at SEA Games level.

National Open and National Records


Caleb Stuart is looking forward to competing at the National Open March 19-22 in Laguna. He will lineup in the Shotput, Discus and Hammer. Joining the Philippine Airforce team were he will be partnered with Four times SEA Games gold champion Ferrera in Discus and Hammer. It is expected Stuart will be able to go over the 61.69m and 16.74m records of Ferrera and Sunang as his best performances clearly indicate this.

It was fairly easy for Caleb Stuart to get a Filipino passport as his mother was still a Filipino citizen at his time of birth. However the rules regarding national records state he must have a Philippine Passport. At the time a record is set for the records to count. Therefore as he acquired his passport a few months after his best performances they were not eligible as National Records at that time. However the rules for National Rankings allow him to be ranked as from acquisition of passport back to January 1 of 2014 performances will be accepted for qualifying.

Identified by a source in Softball

Caleb Stuart  mother is a Filipino. Stuart whose sister plays Softball got in touch with PSC Commissioner in charge of Athletics Jolly Gomez who quickly had identified him as a talent upon further inspection of performances verified by yours truly.

When we saw Stuart’s record i was very impressed as his best performances were significantly better than not only the SEA Gold medals but the actual SEA Records in two events.


By Caleb Stuart

Growing up, I played many different sports. I played American football, basketball, and baseball. (and if there are any other sports I can compete in for the Philippines, I would love to try that out) and I did not compete in track and field until I got to college at the University of California, Riverside. At first, I did not plan on doing a sport. I only decided to try out for the team because I wanted to be able to lift weights and get stronger. However, after my first season of competing in track and field, I found that I really enjoyed it and had the potential to have a lot of success.

I did not compete in Track and Field in high school. I instead played American football and basketball. My first year of competing in track and field was my freshman year in college. Since then, I have learned a general understanding of the sport, and improved my marks significantly over the course of my college career.  With that said, I firmly believe that I have potential to greatly improve my marks and that I can be a champion of the Philippines, maybe even for multiple events.

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