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Pedro Subido (Dec 4, 1930- Dec 4, 2013)


Pedro  Subido was born in Naguilian, La Union

He would be better known as a very capable member of the National Relay Squad in the 4×100 during the 1950s.

In the 1954 Asian Games he won the Philippines a bronze medal in the 4x100m Relay behind Japan and Pakistan.

He ran 21.8 for the 200m in 1955 at the UAAP.

Subido’s coolness in passing the baton to anchor Enrique Bautista, kept the Philippine chances alive in the 4×100-meter relay team in the 1958 Asian Games. As the Japanese anchor grabbed the lead, Subido slowed down before passing the baton to Bautista. Bautista ran like a tiger chasing his prey to nose out the Japanese sprinter at the finish.

But as a coach, Subido was tough. He would utter his trademark grunt when he wanted things done, his practice sessions were severe. Some star athletes did not survive his system which included weight training sessions. He would say the ones who lasted through his sessions and won medals abroad were the real stars.

Subido died in Anaheim, California on his 83rd birthday.

“He was a good friend and teammate but really strict with his teammates, which to me, was okay,” said Claro Pellosis, chief referee of the UAAP track meet, and a former national teammate.



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