9 Amazing Foods you should eat Every Day

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Foods you should eat Every Day


It’s true what they say – you are what you eat. So now the New Year is rolling round and the parties are coming to an end, ditch the junk food and treat your body to some much-deserved post-Christmas TLC.

And start 2015 off the best way by adding these 9 foods to your shopping list.


For a versatile meal that leaves you fuller for longer, try eggs.  They’re a staple for every kitchen. An excellent source of protein, they contain all eight essential amino acids – great for strengthening the immune system and muscle development. Packed with vitamin D, iron and calcium; a hearty egg based breakfast provides you with all the nutrients you need for gorgeous hair, skin and teeth. At 80 calories per medium egg, it would be rude not to!



If you’re dieting in 2015, grapefruit is an essential superfood for the shopping list. The bitter fruit is said to regulate blood sugar levels, boost the metabolism and keep the hunger pangs at bay. Rich in vitamin C, they’re also one of the best fruits for fighting colds and flu whilst keeping the skin fresh and toned – ideal for winter.

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