Hidilyn Diaz recent performance within range of landing Olympic Bronze Medal

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Hidilyn Diaz


Olympic Lifter Hidilyn Diaz, after dropping down from the 58kg to 53kg category increased her chances of an Olympic qualifying spot with a commended lift of 213kg. In fact this performance is good enough for fourth place at the last Olympic Games in London in the (53kg) weight category, last Olympics 219kg was good for Silver and Bronze, 226kg took the gold, and 206kg was the 4th place of Fabrianti of Indonesia with 206kg.

Hildilyn performance came when she won the gold medal at the recently concluded SEA Weightlifting championships. As Singapore did not include weight lifting in there SEA Program this event was held in its place.

I need to get two good ranked lifts at Asian Champs and Worlds to get the qualifying need for the Olympics. Its not like Athletics. said Hidilyn.

I think the general public does not see the magnitude of these performances and I’m hoping that the PSC can provide some sort of extra support for Hildilyn who is probably right now our strongest Olympic hopefuls. The general public does not realize the magnitude of this importance. As a statistician i didn’t realize the magnitude of the 213kg performance of Hidilyn until somebody on Pinoyexchange.com pointed out she had dropped down to the 53kg weight range now i realize how good a performance this is. I hope the PSC after this write up will come to see the magnitude of Hildilyn recent performance.

In the Asian Games 2014 the 53kg was more highly competitive than the 58kg with Hsu Shu-ching of Taipei the olympic silver medalist winning in 233kg, and olympic champion Chinshanko of Kazakhstan second in 228kg, and China third in 228kg. Still Hidilyn would also have placed fourth here not bad considering the Olympic Silver and Gold medalists also went 1-2 here.

Right now to my knowledge but i could be wrong only  has qualified for the Olympics in the 400 Hurdles with two standards. But based off her recent results Hildilyn would place higher in her sport/event as of today.


Hidilyn has a life time PB of 223kg when she was 56kg in the 58kg range. However this performance would land her around 12th in the Olympics. Dropping down a weight category seems like a wise decision. However Hildilyn, advised she needs good food and the help of a dietitian in order to have enough lean muscle and not lose strength at this weight to be able to improve her lifts so she can land an olympic medal.

My first olympic im unexpected participant there. My second olympic is my coach dream and goal and rio this is my goal, my dream and hopefully i will win a medal.

Said Hildilyn.

Who first went to the 2008 Olympics in London as a starry eyed 17 year old, in 2007 she was only the bronze medalist in the SEA Games and didn’t feel she was strong enough to compete at Olympics yet. Hidilyn originates from Zamboanga like most of the national team which is a powerhouse at producing lifters through the years. She joined the national team at the age of 13.

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