Meal Plan for Runner Short Distance Sprinter

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Meal Plan for Runner Short Distance Sprinter


Meal Plan for Runner Short Distance Sprinter

Short distance running are the sprinting events 400m and below. Also at these short distances muscular power and anaerobic metabolism come into play and there is no endurance element. Training as a short distance runner will involve weight training 3-4 times per week. Aswell as interval training along with sprint training. Leg strength is vital,. Also a good start off the blocks can make all the difference.

Sprinters usually carry a higher than average lean muscle mass, and power to weight ratio is very important. Hence following a meal plan like the one below will be ideal for a typical day’s training, and carbohydrate loading pre-event is also advised in order to maximise the muscle and liver carbohydrate stores. Supplementation with the sports supplement creatine monohydrate may also be worth considering.

Here’s a sample meal plan for a short distance runner to follow for a typical training day:

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