Why Never to trust SMART-PLDT Internet again?

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Enough is enough I recently paid off and closed my account with SMART-PLDT. What SMART-PLDT is doing is borderline criminal signing up people for 24 Months on the PLDT-Smart Wi-Fi plan at 999 pesos a month.PLDT  service has gone downhill ever since SMART took over and ruined their products as well.

I first signed up for SMART-PLDT while I was living in Malate. After them setting up a satellite type connection, I had problems from day one. Within three months I had to call up three different technicians as the service was constantly unavailable. It takes about an hour or more sometimes to get through to the customer service with the same repetitive steps. The third technician was actually the best one he advised me the problem was the Trees near the gate were actually blocking the signal and suggested that it was suitable for me to change to a Wi-Max outdoor product.

As at this time I was working office hours 8.30 to 5.30 and had other projects I was working, I had little time to visit any nearby service centers to sort out my connection and apply for Wi-Max. However after a few months I was able to get to the service center in Alabang and also to the service center in Megamall and Robinson Ermita. I was first advised by Ermita and Megamall that I couldn’t change my service to Wi-Max outdoor as the 24 month contract I was on was not interchangeable. When I went to Alabang I advised them as they couldn’t provide me a working service as technician 3 had quoted blocked by trees, or provide me Wi-Max I felt that they should cancel my contract free of charge. The representative in SM Alabang told me to write a letter to pass onto management which I did and passed on.

As well as this I just stopped paying the bills, I never got a response from SMART-PLDT Management they never seemed to give a damn they just want the money and don’t care if they are providing a non-existent service. After three months SMART threatened legal action and demanded the fee’s for the remaining months. I continued paying because I didn’t want to go to court, eventually as the contract ends in January 2016 I told SMART I will close my account and paid out the rest.  The customer service person was trying to retain me and I told them no way I’m never using SMART gain I used the service for the first three months and I won’t waste my money on SMART Ever again.

One of the other issues a friend had with SMART=PLDT is they sold him a modem which looks like a cellphone for 4500 pesos at first he was getting very good connection speeds. But then he was lucky to get 1GB in a whole day. SMART customer service lied to him telling him they were upgrading their network or it was network issues. But the truth was SMART had signed up so many people there network couldn’t handle the extra subscribers. So what they did was they capped there data at 800MB of data and were still trying to sell it as Unlimited. This is an outright lie as I believe back in December the government told SMART and GLOBE to stop doing this.

Before I was also conned into buying a Pocket-Wi-Fi because the sales man kept telling me it was unlimited so I would load it for 50 pesos. And then after doing just a windows update the data was all gone and I couldn’t get back on the net. I observed this happened after 800MB so I went back to Harrisons Plaza and blasted the sales person that there product was not Unlimited and why they used lies to sell to me, the clerk was shocked but I could tell I had him on the spot here.


So my recommendations after this experience

  1. Do not buy SMART and especially do not enter into Contracts with them. They have extremely poor customer service and do not care if there service is credible or not.
  2. Also avoid GLOBE especially contracts. GLOBE Tatoo should be avoided at all costs.
  3. I will never buy SMART Products at all again; I am even going to start using GLOBE for my mobile.
  4. SMART needs to upgrade their network if it plans to get more subscribers, its current network cannot service its customer’s appropriately. In New Zealand and Australia the government upgraded everything to Fiber Optic not Cooper Cables anymore. The Philippines has the worst internet I have ever seen out of ten countries I’ve visited. Sometimes it would be better to hook up to dial up at least that is a constant connection.
  5. The only reliable Internet seems to be ‘Sky Cable’ for now but that is because hardly anyone was on it before. Now they have limited plans not unlimited but at least they were honest enough to mention it unlike SMART and GLOBE. If anyone knows of any better alternatives to Sky Cable let me know.
  6. I recommend sharing this post with as many people as possible. As nobody seems to want to take SMART to court. But eventually when they annoy a big company they will get taken to court.
  7. I invite others to share their experiences





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