Blue Knights Track League Season 2 Finals: Setting Firsts in Philippine Athletics (results & Full Video included)

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Blue Knights Track League

DAVAO CITY– With a total of 15 teams and full internet live-streaming coverage. The Blue Knights Track League Season two finals paved its way on setting new heights in Philippine Athletics Culture. Being the only true independent and sustainable Athletics (Track) competition in the Philippines.

Athletes from Davao Region and Team Titus from National Capital Region converged at the Fr. Martinez Sports Complex, Ateneo de Davao University– Matina Campus on January 30.

Showcasing that regular and consistent meets is a way to raise the culture of Athletics in the Philippines.

Blue Knights Track League showcased how Athletics meets in the Philippines on a grassroots level can be done with innovation and independence.

With a total of 15 teams/delegation, the Blue Knights Season 2 Finals is the biggest independent Athletics event in Mindanao and in the Philippines as a whole on grassroots and developmental level. has been a constant media partner of the Blue Knights Track League.
The event runs now for two “seasons” without asking any single centavo from any politician, government agency, and the National Sport Association for Athletics.

The proponents of the BK Track League Prof. Airnel T. Abarra ( with the Ateneo de Davao University- Office of the Athletics headed by Emmanuel Rene S. Ayo proved that innovation and thinking “out of the box” is a way to promote the sport.

We will discuss some factors how BK Track League can be a “first” model for other clubs and local government units to look on.

Management- By giving chance for other people to become accredited technical officials especially the students. BK Track League used volunteerism as a way to give a strong staff during the event.

Tapping students, former varsity athletes, and other stakeholders to be properly recognized as National Technical Officials. By doing this, the event will push through even without tapping other technical officials that will act based on the merits of bureaucracy of their respective agencies.

Independence- As we cited earlier, BK Track League never asked a single centavo from any government official or even the National Sport Association in Athletics (PATAFA).

Through constant communication from different stakeholders who are truly concern with the sport in Davao Region.

BK Track League through the Ateneo de Davao Varsity Parents Council provided people and groups whom we can ask food, refreshments, and simple incentives. The BK organizers wants to instill values to athletes not to be dependent on money but for the love of the game.

That’s why we are very thankful to our main partners:

  • 818 Sports
  • HAWK Backpacks
  • VIBELLE Distribution
  • St. Francis Shell Stations
  • Creating Keepsakes Cafe/Restaurant
  • Picolla Bakeshop.



Season 2 Most Valuable Athletes (MVP's) Left to right: Geneva Mosqueda (Toril), Dave Marcelo (Kapatagan NHS), Mea Gey Niñura (Kapatagan NHS), Jericho Juyo (Crossing Bayabas ES), and Gino Dogol-Dogol (Assumption)- Represented by Arlan Arbois.

Innovation- The experimental internet livestreaming coverage of the BK Season 2 Finals is a first in Philippine Athletics. In our knowledge, there is no local Athletics event in the Philippines aired live for the past five years. Thanks to the efforts of the Ateneo de Davao Technical Services Office (TSO) and Institutional Communications and Promotions Office (iCommP). Headed by Mr. Bernie Jereza- Assistant to the President for IT and Paolo VillanuevaiCommp Chief Creative Director the BK Track League was able to reach relatives of athletes and foreign Athletics journalists.

Blue Knights Track League Season 2 Finals Video Coverage

Culture- Through putting attention to details such as calling the athletes well and providing them specific area where they can be screen and warm-up, BK Track League proved that it can think other ways to make it better better by making athletes feel they are really athletes and can be organized properly.

The learning process through inviting role models in Philippine Athletics such as Elma Muros-Posadas, George Posadas, Katherine Khay Santos (July 2015) and Saturnino Salazar (August 2015). Gives athletes something to look on and they can see that Philippine Athletics icons is at their reach and they have something to be proud of.

Athletes properly called and screen without being scorched under the sun.

An Invitation-With all been said and done. The Blue Knights Track League Organizers are already gearing up for the Season 3 Opening on July 2016.

So far they are already looking on for a “reunion run” of two legends in Philippine Athletics which we can’t disclosed as of this time.

Still we look forward that our stakeholders in Philippine Athletics will consider the model we had in running BK Track League. The proponents of the event are very much willing to share their ideas to other Athletics communities in the Philippines. So that we can build more better experience for our athletes and surely, people will come.

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