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Article by Joan Masangkay
This is the story of our team in POWERLIFTING last month at the 2016 WORLD JUNIOR & SUB-JUNIOR

The country of Szczyrk, Poland is very cold country. I cant imagine that  my preparation for the competition will be affected by its weather.  In this country the food are more vegetables & Fruits, there is no rice how much the team tried to find it in groceries or restaurants, so we have no choice but to deal with bread & vegetables.

The whole team felt weakened on the day of the competition, but still we brought home 5-Silver Medals, 5-Bronze Medals & a total of 10 medals

2016 WORLD Sub-Junior & Junior Powerlifting Championships held Szczyrk, Poland (August 29-September 3)
4 Philippine Powerlifting Team athletes bringing home 5-SILVER MEDALS & 5-BRONZE MEDALS a total of 10 medals from the recent 2016 World Sub-junior & Junior Powerlifting Championships held at Szczyrk, Poland. The Team was lead by Sub-junior 43kg Powerlifting Deadlift World raw record holder Joan Masangkay, a native masbate province & now residing at Barangay San Isidro, Galas, Quezon City, who won 4 Silvers & break 3 Asians Records from (Squat-115kg, Bench Press-55kg, Deadlift-112.5kg & Total-282.5kg) while Rowella Abrea native Leyte Province Sub-junior 47kg take home one bronze medal from Bench-67.5kg & one Silver medal from Deadlift-127.5kg.
In the Junior Division Jasmin Martin gets her Bronze medal for the Deadlift competition when she lifted 145kg & Regie Ramirez his last mens Junior 59kg category won 3 Bronze medals from (Bench Press-140kg, Deadlift-240kg &Total-600kg)
PAP (Powerlifting Association of the Philippines) President Eddie Torres , Head Coach Betina Bordeos & Director Cirilo Dayao said they are very glad that all 4 Powerlifters gave all the best to won 5 silver medals & 5 Bronze medals a total of 10 medals to bring home glory in the Philippines
The athletes is Hoping to get a chance to personally deliver their achievements to our Beloved President Rodrigo Roa Duterte through a courtesy call.
1. (From the left Philippine Powerlifting Head Coach Betina Bordeos next Regie Ramirez, Rowella Abrea, & Jasmin Martin)-
2.From the Leftside JOAN MASANGKAY-43kg Sub-junior division(4 Silver Medalist/ Rank No.2 )at 2016 World Junior & Sub- Powerlifting Championships, beside her REGIE RAMIREZ-59kg Junior Division ( 3 Bronze Medals/ Rank No.3), next is ROWELLA ANDREA ABREA-47kg-Sub-junior division ( 1-Silver Medal & 1-Bronze Medal/ Rank No.4), & JASMIN MARTIN-47kg-Junior Division (1 Bronze Medal)
3. SQUAT-115kg & DEALIFT- 120kg Picture of Joan Masangkay courtesy of IPF(International Powerlifting Federation) photo

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