2013 SEA Games & Australia Overseas Training

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2013 SEA Games & Australia Overseas Training

One of my first correspondence with Former PSC Commissioner Jolly Gomez. Regarding an Australia Overseas training idea presented for 2013 SEA Games.


SEA Games 2013: Minimum of five golds, maximum of nine for Philippines Track and Field (with Poll)

Article by Pirie Enzo

At the Last SEA Games the Philippine Athletic Community were holding their heads in their hands. The Philippines had a poor final performance of a mere three gold medals (one was awarded after the Malaysian 4x400m Team was disqualified when one of its members tested positive for a banned substance).

The Question arose where do we go from here to avoid a repeat from happening again?

Fortunately instead of being a continued pattern of performance this was a huge wake up call to the organization that something needs to be done, and something needs to be done fast.

Recently more ‘meetings of the minds’ have been happening between Go Teng Kok and coaches from the Athletic community to find an answer to this challenge. The PSC by helping fund seventeen of the medalists to Australia and Mr Jim Lafferty former head of P&G Philippines have even offered to help assist the sport. Third Party Organizations such as Run4Change, Hypersports, Laguna Provincial Government and Davao Athletics Sports Association have been very helpful in assisting and ‘supporting our athletes’.

Combine this also with the fact a new batch of Fil-Heritage athletes is emerging to help boost the team and lift the depth of locals in some events.


PSC Will Fund 17 Priority SEA Games Medalists to Australia

(Sept 29, 2012) I was sent this message by PSC commissioner Jolly Gomez with his express permission to share this with the Athletic Community.


Andrew, etc.

I had a good meeting with national team and coach Joseph about the Priority Athletes Program. We have decided to send our SEA games medalists to Australia for training starting January 2013 (either Darwin, Brisbane or Canberra). It will be a great opportunity for them to get valuable training in good facilities prior to the games. There are 17 athletes in all. PSC is paying for all the expenses.

I also approved a line-up of 30 athletes to compete in the Thailand Open on November 2-5. These include some medalists in the last PNG like Keizel, Wenlie, Pach and Cid. I would like to open this to more athletes on a “pay as you go” basis. If any athletes decides to join and is included in the line-up paying for their own way, and this athlete wins a medal. I will reimburse them all their expenses. Airfare, accommodation, meals.

We want a good team for the SEA games in 2013. And I am here to help. All the Priority Athletes will first go to Baguio for conditioning and training prior to their trip to Australia. Renovations to convert Phil Sports into a top quality track facility will begin right after the UAAP. Baguio will follow once this is complete.

Keep up the good work in support of athletics.


.philippines sports commission logo




“We were once a great nation in South East Asia and Asia at Track and Field, now is the time for us to unite towards a common goal and that is for the betterment of our sport. We must ensure we have are best athletes chosen and best prepared for the challenges ahead at the 2013 SEA Games and 2015 SEA Games, and onwards. Let us build a legacy together which will be and remembered and continue long after we are gone.”


I will mainly deal with the topic in the blue for now, the topic in the red I do not wish to discuss at this point as I need to check with PATAFA in regards to confirm and authenticate the official list of athletes who have been approved by the PSC to goto Thailand. As I know some will be self funded and some will be covered by the PSC.

This is very good news for the sport, in the last few months the PATAFA, PSC and various other third party groups have been very productive in helping reform and support are Track and Field program. An article will be coming in regards to these various organizations soon as promised.

The fact that the PSC is willing to help lend a hand in the growth of Track and Field is very good news for Philippine Sports as Track and Field is a medal rich sport at SEA Games. The World Class facilities and sports knowledge from Australia will greatly benefit aour Athletes and they will be able to bring that knowledge back with them to help boost our athletic program when they return.

By the sounds of it they are taking neccessary steps also to upgrade facilities which are much needed.

Might I add I was both impressed and surprised that Mr Go Teng Kok is taking the lead in actively wanting to help with the reforms within the sport. This a link from Pinoymiler with more deatails in regards to the Meeting for Coaches to discuss issues with Mr Go Teng Kok with guest speaker Mr Jim Lafferty the former Head of Proctor and Gamble in the Philippines. This encouragement and sharing of ideas openly is greatly going to boost our National Sports and these ‘meetings of the minds’ is opening the doors to the athletic community.

So I send this message to the track community and those with nostalgia of yester year.


SEA Games Criteria according to the PSC

I had been advised by PATAFA coaches the PSC/POC will be the ones to decide on the qualification criteria for the SEA Games. Therefore I took the initiative and went to the government bodies to get the answer.

The PSC/POC has not been able to answer some simple questions I put forward to them for the last two weeks in regards to SEA Games qualification criteria. I had posted on their website, on there Facebook group and also sent them emails. These were my questions.


1) What will be the qualification criteria for SEA Games?

2) When is the qualification Period.

I also asked another question, which I don’t expect them to know straight away

3) Where and when is the PNG being held?

Without a concrete response statement from the PSC/POC any information listed below is now purely speculation. It’s very important that the PSC/POC do relay this information so there is no miscommunication/selection issues between the PSC/POC, PATAFA and the Athletic community. The Philippines in the past has gone off the bronze medal standard and a visit to the Singapore Athletics Association Website shows me they already have standards in place made available to the general public. Which proves to me that the Sports Association has already made it clear to the NSA what is required. Rather than leaving this matter to the last-minute of preparation. This table prepared below by are good buddies in the New Singapore Athletics Management Team shows the Singaporean Selection Criteria.

Going off the below logic (awaiting PSC Statement) Philippines has ten athletes qualified and one relay team 4x400m Mens. All four runners in the mens team combinded on seasons best times have exceeded the 3.14.90 required bronze standard with a total time of 3.12.80 this is not even considering rolling starts factor. Archand Bagsit and Marestella Torres are the only two athletes who have surpassed the gold medal standard so far. A complete list is available for download here.

**Update I received a reply from the PSC a few days ago (response in italics)

The PSC is not the group that accredits athletes for international competition. We are funding agency.
The decision on who to send to the SEA Games is up to the NSA (PATAFA) as determined by the coaches which is then endorsed to the POC.

This clarifies that the PSC is not involved in the selection process. Therefore conclude the POC sets the standards as guidelines and it is up to PATAFA to submit the initial lineup which the POC can approve. If the PATAFA submits a lineup which is ‘more along the lines’ of what the POC requires then for sure more athletes in theory should be approved.


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