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sporting mind

While I lent this book Sporting Mind to one of my athletes. Also she was very impressed with the book. Hence when it was returned full of book marks and notes (pictured).While Obviously from a very keen young mind. Yet luckily not penning and highlighting.

While everyone experiences the changing relationship of body and mind in his or her daily life. Hence for sportsmen and sportswomen the relationship is especially important. Yet this book presents a program of mental training techniques for competitive sport.

All to often, a great deal of time is spent on physical training, whilst mental and emotional preparation are neglected — but the best performances happen when all aspects are focused on the same goal This book provides a complete program of mental training techniques, and, as such, will be invaluable for the athlete or coach intent on attaining optimal performance.

Christopher Connolly and John Syer have distilled their vast experience, much of it acquired through work with their Sporting Endymion consultancy, to perfect an approach which has already been widely acclaimed.


The Book is available on Amazon for $7.95 USD

Paperback – July 26, 1984



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