Philippine Sports Senate Hearing Video Nov 29

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Philippine Sports Senate Hearing


MANILA, Philippines – The Senate committee on sports headed by Sen. Manny Pacquiao will take a closer look at the problems hounding Philippine sports when top officials from the Philippine Olympic Committee and Philippine Sports Commission appear before the committee today.

Pacquiao set the hearing at 10 a.m. and in aid of legislation aims to “resolve the issues hindering the development of Philippine sports.”

Jose Cojuangco, the POC president, and William Ramirez, the PSC chairman, will attend together with representatives of the different national sports associations (NSAs).

The hearing will focus on the failure of some NSAs or the POC in general to liquidate financial support they’ve received from the PSC through the years.

Ramirez said the unliquidated amount may reach as much as P200 million, representing cash advances and support dating back from 1990.

The PSC chairman said he now has “an imprimatur” from President Duterte and directions from the Senate and Congress to stop providing financial support to those with liquidation problems.

“Hopefully this will ensure that government funds and properly utilized and liquidated in accordance with the government accounting system,” said Pacquiao.

Things covered in Hearing (3h40 mins)

  • Go Teng Kok reporting mispending of POC Officials
  • POC Trying to explain the situation with receipts
  • Niki Coseteng Criticizing the policies and lack of grass roots of Philippine Swimming Incorporated
  • Issue with FESSAP and World University Games, including Wesley So one year ban.
  • Boxing Philippines bringing up how POC denied them request to bring in English coach
  • Bowling Philippines explaining how POC created a new Federation without asking them

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