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Article from : http://thefirstplacefinish.blogspot.com/2017/03/coaches-vicente-and-acaylar-must-resign.html

This is not my write up.

The presentation of the national pool proved to be a big disaster for Larong Volleyball sa Pilipinas Incorporated (LVPI). What was originally seen as a shining moment for LVPI turned.into a big nightmare as head coaches of the national pool were caught issuing false statements. Ateneo players spoke to disprove what head coaches Vicente and Acaylar said in a forum attended by sports writers. Thus, the statements of the head coaches were revealed to be false to volleyball fans and general public.

The false statements they conveniently issued should force Vicente and Acaylar to consider resigning from their posts. Their resignations are in order for the following reasons :

1. There was malicious intent to put the Ateneo players in bad light. The statements of Vicente and Acaylar give the impression that Ateneo players did not bother to respond to the invitation to serve the country through the national pool and eventually the national team. The statements likewise portray two of the Ateneo players as lacking in skills, making them unworthy of slots in the national pool.

2. Coaches Vicente and Acaylar desecrated the sanctity of the institution that is the national team and that of being a national player. In their attempt to show that the players were properly and strictly screened, they resorted to making false statements. The two coaches cheapened the national pool and its players with their careless and inaccurate statements.

3. Coaches Vicente and Acaylar have lost the moral ascendancy to coach the team with the loss of trust that their statements generated.

4. The public apology issued by LVPI is not enough to erase the stigma created by the statements of the two coaches on the national pool. In fact, the public apology only added insult to injury as it reduced the huge mistake into a mere “clerical” error. Heads must clearly roll.

Resignations must not only be confined to Vicente and Acaylar. It is to the best interest of Philippine volleyball that Cayco, Romasanta and Suzara tender their resignations from LVPI as well. After all, the three sports officials never said a word as the two coaches issued those false statements in their presence and in front of a crowd. Cayco, Romasanta and Suzara all just went along with the charade as it was happening in front of their faces. They, sadly, all played along with the mockery that was taking place in what should have been a presentation of the best in Philippine volleyball.

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