Coaching Youth Track & Field – Book Review

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Coaching Youth Track and Field

Coaching Youth Track and Field

Coaching Youth Track and Field

This book was provided to be my former PSC Commissioner Jolly Gomez. To help assist me train the young sprinters in the province of Zamboanga Del Sur in Mindanao.

Noted in book: To Andrew,

You are helping young kids realize their potential and their dreams! – Jolly Gomez

The most interesting part i found was speed endurance for sprinters stating young sprinters should not do more than 500m (beginner), 700m (intermediate) and 900m (advanced). I quite often see too many local coaches emphasizing a lot more than this which can lead to early burn out and fatigue. The important to remember is speed endurance should be done with good form and technique, and enough rest to to not compromise this good running form. It should also be done at 90%. Too often we see sprinters doing almost 2000m worth of sprints in a session at 80%.

This book is a must have and very easy to understand. Its alot more interesting, logical, practical, structured and more well explained than the ‘Kids Athletics’ Program of the IAAF.


Coaching Youth Track & Field stresses fun, safety, and effective instruction, helping you create an environment that promotes learning, encourages a love of the sport, and motivates your athletes to come out year after year.

Numerous coaching books present the skills, drills, and activities of track and field. But here’s a book that teaches you how to convey those skills to your athletes in an engaging and positive manner.

Written by the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) in conjunction with Matt Lydum and other experts from Hershey’s Track & Field Games and USA Track & Field (USATF), Coaching Youth Track & Field is the only resource available today aimed at coaches of athletes ages 14 and under.

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