Focusing on Event legacies rather than individuals to build Depth of talent

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Article by Andrew Pirie, ATFS Statiscian

The issue with a sports institute like system where you invest all the money into one or two good athletes in an event, and forget about developing the competition and further depth in the event. Take for example we have eight runners in a national final. And we choose only to focus on the first and the second. What happens is the other runners tend to drop out of the sport, as the money goes into developing these two athletes individually rather than investing it into holding quality competitions which is better self sustaining.

The snag with this is what happens if these runners we have singled out get injured or decide to leave the sport for personal reasons, e.g. work, family issues, or illness?? then we are back to square one where we have to start from scratch again. Rather than investing in events instead of individuals, if we do that like a lot of western nations then we would have self sustaining events which means the event would be strong enough that it would have less need for investment. So if one or two of the runners in the example leave for reasons outlined above at least we have invested into the event not the individuals and there is another six runners to carry on the continuity of the events legacy.

I will expand into this further with some examples. Lets have a look at the case of the Gintong Alay which did develop stars like Lydia De Vega, Elma Muros, and Del Prado Sr. but it also had supporting athletes such as Ganosa, Sinoro, etc., Gido, Pagaliluan, Grafillo etc…. There was exceptionally high end depth in the womens 100 meters with 5 woman running below 12 seconds, more

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