Philippines Host dismall 6th place only in SEA Youth 80 Athletes = 1 gold medal.

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Philippines Host dismall 6th place only in SEA Youth

Despite having around 80 athletes participate the Philippines could only manage 1 gold medal at the 2017 SEA Youth Championships. The host was humbled by Mighty Vietnam which generated a total of 13 golds, Malaysia and Indonesia each had 6, Thailand 5, and Singapore 2.

8 of the 11 sea nations participated with Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar not joining.

The Philippines did have the most number of medals at 25 but that was due to the fact they had by far the biggest delegation. In most cases the other SEA Nations did not field large teams or send their best age grade athletes in a lot of events. In most events there was only 2 non-pinoys so the pinoy athletes were at least assured a bronze medal.

The quality of some events was not high for example the 200m Boys was won in 22.30 here compared to 21.4 in Marikina at ASEAN Schools in 2014 (same age grading).There are clearly more boys in this age category running below 22 seconds that did not show up. The 100 and 200 were straight finals. Lets say if each of the member nations entered 2 and the Philippines had 3 that would have been 17 athletes (2-3 heats) and not just only 8 or less.

In the Girls 100 Hurdles 15.02 was the winners time from Vietnam, 3 years ago in Marikina Karen Janario ran 14.52 and only got silver with that time behind 14.51. Now the girls run 15.75 and 16.62 for silver and bronze. Is it really difficult to produce a sub 15s runner in 100 Hurdles in secondary girls?

The lone gold came from Francis Obiena who was the clear event favorite with a 4 meter + PB. Francis delivered the only gold for the Philippines.

The PATAFA needs to really see this as a WAKEUP CALL. In terms of where are program is heading. It seems like we will drop further and further behind other SEA Nations. Just like my closing report with the PSC. If we cant even keep up with the age grade level athletes how are the senior level athletes going to develop and cope up at SEA Games.

There is no problems with the Programs of DEPED and PSC such as the Palarong Pambansa and Batang Pinoy which bring chances to lots of athletes and coaches.

PATAFA’s grassroots program lacks scientific training. It’s partly PATAFA’s responsibility as well to spread or improve training programs. An example is the IAAF Kids Athletics Program which teaches Kids how to have fun and get involved but doesn’t actually emphasize correct movement patterns. Movement patterns for kids are very important at an early age to make them more efficient in later development stages.

After this article i will post a more in depth review of the situation and analysis of data.

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