SEA Games Long Jump Selection becomes a selectors Nightmare

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Janry Ubas and the Sri Lankan Jumper

The Results of the national open threw further confusion at who would be lining up for the Philippines at the 2017 SEA Games in a few months in August in the Men’s Long Jump.

The event was truly stunning. In what might be the strongest field in the history of the national open.  6 of the Top 10 all time jumpers five lined up in the Men’s Division and the other one lined up in the Juniors.

Please note the SEA Games bronze medal was 7.51m in 2015.

Visitor Amila Pedige of Sri Lanka won the event in an excellent 7.83m. Now based on finishing place Janry Ubas was the best performance by a Filipino at this event with 7.52m, Julian Fuentes 7.44m, Jerry Belibestre (19 years old in Juniors) 7.43m, Benigno Marayag 7.35m, Tyler Ruiz 7.32m and Donovont Arriola the SEA Games bronze medalist did not register a jump.

Now based on best performances from SEA Games 2015 to current, wind-aided jumps not included. Tyler Ruiz 7.78m, Julian Fuentes 7.69m, Donovont Ariola 7.64m, Janry Ubas 7.55m, Jerry Belibestre 7.47m.

And based on performances for the year 2017 7.78m Tyler Ruiz, Julian Fuentes 7.59m, Janry Ubas 7.52m, Aristeo Dela Pena 7.44m, Jerry Belibestre 7.43m.

My analysis is that if Belibestre who is the only Junior lined up here doesn’t get selected for SEA Games. PATAFA should consider sending him to more international meets including Asian Juniors for his excellent progress and his performances.

The fact he trains outside Manila with his coaches in Bacolod should not even be an issue for this as long as he continues to improve and hit the standards.

If the selection is based off best performances, Ruiz is the only one in this group to hit the Gold Medal standard of SEA Games but his performance wasn’t great at national open and he finished behind four Filipino Athletes.

If it was already agreed the National Open is the selection basis Ubas and Fuentes would be the shoo in’s. They both beat everyone else and they both have achieved the bronze medal standard. Ubas even hit the bronze standard again at the event leaping 7.52m, and he has leapt 7.55m so he has exceeded 2015 bronze twice. Fuentes leapt 7.59m earlier in the year and has a PB of 7.69m also over the 7.51m. So these two are capable of exceeding bronze standard.

Donovont Ariola has also consistently exceeded the bronze standard and he was a proven bronze medalist last SEA Games. Although he wasnt able to register a leap at nationals.

So the question is if the PATAFA hasn’t already selected their two candidates for the SEA Games then how long will they be given to select? The cut off is around June.

This seems more difficult than SEA Games 2015 when it was between Dagmil, Fuentes and Donovont.

I already have my opinion on who I think should be selected but i’m not going to share it (it will just stare emotions) and leave it for the reader to evaluate and PATAFA to ultimately decide.


Philippines Long Jump Men’s All Time List 

1 7.99m 0.2 Henry Dagmil 071.2.81 1 Jim Bush Classic Eagle Rock 07.06.08
2 7.78m Tyler Ruiz 91 1 Aztec Invite San Diego 24.03.17
3 7.74m Joebert Delicano 16.01.80 2 SEA Games Vientiane 15.12.09
4 7.69m Julian Reem Fuentes 95 1 National Open Singapore .04.16
5 7.64m Nino Ramirez 16.01.12 1 Manila 02.05.36
6 7.64m Donovant Ariola 16.01.91 1 National Open Santa Cruz 03.05.15
7 7.61m Benigno Marayag 05.03.86 3 SEA Games Jakarta 13.11.11
8 7.55m -0.9 Janry Ubas 94 1 Weekly Relays Pasig 05.11.16
9 7.50m Arturo Orozco San Fernando 05.02.63
10 7.47m Jose Jerry Belibestre 98 1 ASEAN School Games Brunei 2015



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