Part 1 Zamboanga Del Sur Program: second year in a row Poor showing in Athletics Palaro

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The Blue Track Oval at Dao, Zamboanga Del Sur Sports Academy. Perfect for a twilight meet.

With the 2017 Palarong Pambansa in Antique finished it is again a very terrible outcome for the Province of Zambonaga Del Sur in Athletics. With three individuals, two DEPED coaches/teachers and one DEPED coordinator lacking the right direction for the program.

This article will highlight an example of why we have a very poor DEPED sports system in place for Palaro Preparations. And why are Palaro records reflect this poor system in place. As evidence of this our current Palaro records lag well behind the records of other countries high school national records comparatively.

In the DEPED system, school teachers are assigned to handle athletes. Now it’s the luck of the draw occasionally you will get a good DEPED teacher like Noel Diel, The Arcas, or Maylene Quimque there are also others out there. But most of the time you will end up with individuals who have no idea how to guide or develop athletes that have been training most of the year round with a specialist trainer in some cases.

That is if a specialist trainer or sports consultant is available which is not always possible. This unfortunately can quite often lead to a complete air drop of performances by the time the Palarong Pambansa rolls around or even worse bad habits being taught that effect the athlete’s later development and full potential. Please note its ok to not be an experienced athlete before/teacher as long as you are willing to learn to be a coach.

I will start by saying that the provincial government/LGU of Zamboanga Del Sur invests a lot of money into the sports program, with its sports academy. Athletes are provided with free education, free food, shoes, travel to meets, a full size blue track 8 lane oval, and even free hospital. Free hospital is good because if the athletes get injured they can get free PT. Hardly any other schools or even most UAAP Colleges have this luxury. While this also may seem ideal. When it comes Palaro time this all seems to fall apart.

In 2017 just like it had done in 2016, but this time it may even be worse the Province of Zamboanga Del Sur part of the ZPRAA team had failed to deliver a single medal again. This is due to local DEPED Interference.

Last year we got no individual top 8 finish at all in athletics at Palaro 2016 in track events. Cherry Mae Gudmalin who was partly trained by Coach Jomel was 8th place in the Javelin. The only track athlete from Zamboanga Del Sur to finish in the top eight was Magpale who finished 6th place in the Elementary Girls 400m trained by me.

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