Part 2 Zamboanga Del Sur Program: Quality vs Quantity why less is better, and an Ideot’s Guide on How to make athletes slow twitch

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continued from Part 1

Magpale pictured at the Milo. Provincial Gold 100, 400. Regional Gold 200, 400. Milo Mindanao Gold 400, Bronze 100. Palaro Finalist 400. No 400 training at all.

I recruited Jedaren Magpale as a 10 year old at the Provinces Sukod Atleta Program, her times were 14.83, 42, and 1.10 (hand timed) for 100-200-400 when she started off in August/September of 2016. Later she improved these to 13.24w/ 13.47, 27.9 and 1.04 (heats of Palaro). She even bested the times of the Secondary Girls of Academy (trained by Salinas) at the Regional meet in March 2017 at Dipolog. In 400 Magpale ran 1.06.25, whereas the 400 sec girls ran 1.06.45 and 1.07.07 respectively.

Magpale just followed my program, which consisted of technique, drills and speed work with the longest distance at 250 but not very often. She is 11 years old. Magpale I had handled until about a week before Palaro then I let the two winning coaches of Elem Girls from Zamboanga City handle her. The Z. City coaches are much more structured and technical with the programs they provide to the athletes, and protected Magpale from interference and possible performance destruction from two Zamboanga Del Sur Coaches Salinas and Povencilo.

Magpale performed a lot better than Galbo and Senora my secondary boy sprinters who were sad to say handed against my will to the care of two coaches whose training methods failed to lead them to any improvement at Palaro. I very much protested to against the DEPED PESS Coordinator Noel Sanguines that if they were handed over the performance would get worse, which predictably came to pass. Unfortunately this was not suitable programs which involved almost every day a reverse pyramid of speed endurance, and absolutely no speed or power work at all (will post the recorded programs in next article)

From going as sure bets to making the Palaro finals Senora (100) and Galbo (200) under my guidance. Due to poorly structured in house training they had their performances almost went back to beginners times It was quite evident leading up to and during regional meet they were both strong finalist chances.

In particular Senora who timed 11.8 secs in the 100m, the slowest he had ran since I started with him in August. Senora timed 10.85 (hand timed) (Mid March 2017) to break the regional record and 11.25 (hand timed) at Batang Pinoy (December 2016). At the Palaro it took only 11.12 (hand timed) to make the finals.

The clear win by Senora at the regional meet was the first time in 10 years Melody Lagare (2007) that Zamboanga Del Sur had won the 100m Dash in 10 years.

After a few weeks of training on the Program of Salinas and Povencilo, they had a time trial in the 100m where Galbo won in 11.5, from Senora 11.66 and Jomarie timed 12.06. As further evidence Senora went from being 5-6m ahead of Galbo at regionals to 1m behind him. Meaning he lost about 6-7m of speed in a short period of being poorly coached.

I had expected due to this kind of unstructured training for Senora to time maybe 11.4-11.5. But too my horror the affect of this unsuitable training created an even worse result for him.

Despite qualifying six athletes to the Palarong Pambansa (Galbo, Senora, Mong, Ytang, Magpale, Dinopal) i was not included in the delegation by the DEPED (plus Lagare silver Regional 100m, who was unfairly left out and Jomari who i was working with, after obtaining permission from his coach Leo).

To be honest i wasn’t happy to join such a shambles of in-house training.

Where the DEPED person in charge Noel Sanguines who failed to present any structure or delegate duties to the right people. It’s all very well saying WE MUST COOPERATE AND WORK TOGETHER. But everyone must agree to and stick to the duties assigned. If you coach your athletes 100% or 0%. I didn’t agree to a 50/50 arrangement . I tried it before and as the other parties could not abide to the roles assigned and overstepped the mark quite often.

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