PATAFA Performance Trials May 18 Results and Review

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PATAFA Performance Trials May 18

PATAFA conducted its first of several timed trials leading up to the South East Asian Games. PATAFA has hired former top American international sprinter, Rohsaan Griffin who has been coaching previously in Shanghai, China. To assist with the coaching of their sprinters hurdlers and power athletes. Griffin, 43 holds a personal best in the 200m of 20.13. Griffin a former national indoor and NCAA Champion and also 5th in the 1997 world indoors in the 200m one year. Is part of the famous sprint group Altis which includes Dan Pfaff.

PATAFA Performance Trials May 18

PATAFA Performance Trials May 18

Without going into too much details as it will probably cause my good buddies in PATAFA Management to get excited as I know they very much enjoy reading my write ups.

3 Improver’s namely Patrick Unso

Clinton Bautista and Patrick Unso

Note the only three athletes to improve their personal best times, are Patrick Unso (10.74 100m), Mark Harry Diones (10.85 100m), and Ronne Malipay (11.03 100m).

A fine example is Patrick Unso whose personal best was 11.07 from 2012. And who was plagued with several injuries, which prevented any further improvement on his 100 raw speed as he focused primarily on Hurdles. Having trained with Rohsaan Griffin’s program there was a very quick turn around. He also was able to clock a seasonal best of 14.27, just outside his 14.12 NR and bronze medal in SEA Games. Within reason a 10.74 run will definitely be a sub 14 second run by SEA Games.

What is interesting to note is while Griffin is primarily a sprints coach. His type of training has actually improved the Hurdlers as well. First being Medina massive break through in Singapore to 51.30 and then secondly Patrick Unso taking his 100 time from 11.07 to 10.74 after no 100 raw improvement in 5 years. And having said that 14.27 Seasons best is probably done with the need for still lots more technical improvements to adjust to the new found speed in the 100 plain.  Unso time is also ranked 5th in 2017 for the Philippines.

Diones who is nearly a 17m Triple Jumper with 16.70m. Ran a best time in the 100 of 10.85. Which an athlete of that jumping ability should be expected to have. He actually beat Sprint/Hurdler Clinton Kingsley Bautista (PB 10.81). While the other Triple Jumper Rone Malipay improved from 11.27 to 11.03.  Clinton also improved seasons best from 14.54 to 14.37. Although -2.4 and -0.3 winds make these times quite identical.

In previous article on Beram, 400m (46.56) i wrote about the 400m runners at the end of the article. But I need to correct the times of Caido and Bigyan were mixed up as previously reported to me. Slowly getting there and gradually improving race to race hopefully don’t run out of time before SEA Games.

Regarding remaining results especially in women’s events not very impressive.

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