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2014 Milo Finals Football Elem

Malditas to SEA Games and 2013 World Rankings in Womens Football SEA Nations


The Malditas Photo Credit: Ernie Nierras

The Philippine Malditas, bannered by seasoned international campaigners and highly-touted new recruits, expressed confidence of a strong showing in the Southeast Asian Games in Myanmar in December.

One of the few teams to make the criteria set by the SEAG Task Force, the Malditas are expected to field the “strongest team ever” for the biennial tournament.

“We’re hoping we can do our best during the SEA Games and prove to everybody that Philippine football belongs in the SEA Games,” said Malditas coach Ernie Nierras at the launching of telecommunications giant Globe’s sponsorship of the team.

The Malditas are left to carry the cudgels for PH football, after the Under-23 Azkals failed to make the grade.

Apart from the core of the team that impressed in the AFC Asian Women’s Cup Qualifying early this year, Nierras said the Malditas will also have a 5-foot-10 striker in Natalia Anderson.

South East Nations Women’s Football Rankings


#28 Vietnam 1654pts

#31 Thailand 1635pts

#43 Myanmar 1550pts

#75 Philippines 1297pts

#77 Laos 1293pts

#79 Malaysia 1269pts

#86 Singapore 1180pts

#120 Indonesia 1346pts (inactive for 18 months and not ranked)



What does it take to win a World Cup?

By Gabrille Marcotti

There are 209 nations affiliated to FIFA and yet, in the past 50 years, 20 of the 24 teams that have reached the World Cup final have come from only five nations: Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. Together with Spain, France and England, they are the only nations to have reached a final since Ringo Starr replaced Pete Best in a band called The Beatles.

Is there a common thread? Is there a recipe to success? And, if so, what are the ingredients?

Of the factors that contribute, none is, necessarily, a prerequisite. But the more of the seven ingredients below you have in your shopping cart, the more likely you are to win a World Cup.



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