2016 Olympic Games (Rio) -Athletics

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  1. There is no longer an A and B Standard. Just one standard which is similar to the world championship standard.
  2. There is only one wild card athlete. No longer one for men and one for women as before
  3. As Eric Cray has already qualified for the 400 Hurdles anyone else who wants to be sent to the Olympics must hit the qualifying standards


Eric Shauwn Cray 

400 Hurdles 49.12, 49.15 & 49.40 (achieved the qualifying mark three times)

Rio 2016 Olympic Games entry standards

care of http://www.athleticsweekly.com/featured/iaaf-approves-entry-standards-for-rio-2016-olympic-games-21054/#iEMM269pgsCyHAbB.99

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