Philippines NCAA Records (Updated)

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Philippines NCAA Records

This is still considered a work in progress any additional information is welcome. please email results to


Compiled by ATFS Statiscian Andrew Pirie, in charge of Records and Publication as well as Statiscian in the 90th NCAA Athletic Championships

 Philippines NCAA Records Men’s

Several Notes in regards to the list

  • For sprint races I have included the better hand time.
  • Better electronic time with no wind-reading
  • And electronic time with a wind gauge.
  • Also as the UAAP timing fluctuates from year to year with some years no wind gauge. Hence some years no electronic timing its best to compare meets to one another which are operating with same conditions in terms of timing.


  • Also in Events over 800m, better hand-timing is deemed replacable to electronic timing if the time is .14 faster than the electronic equivalent.


  • While In the case of two athletes having the same mark the record is awarded to the athlete who set the mark first and the other mark is not included in the list of records.


This list should be considered a revised work in progress. As I do not have access to a full set of NCAA Records from every NCAA meet. Hence I urge the athletic community to provide me with information as stated below to  help me with this project. Also all the records provided are correct official results from the NCAA. And proof in the form of official results must be provided to verify claims. Also Please post any corrections, additions and queries to or comment on this page or are facebook group #pinoyathletics.

In conclusion I will consult with the Mancom, General Public and PATAFA Records to compile more comprehensive listing.
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