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The IAAF Council during its meeting on 12 March 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey, approved amendments to the AR Regulations which have been in force since 1st May 2012.

Process to become an Authorised Athletes' Representative

If you intend to represent an Athlete ranked in the Top 30 of the IAAF World List (the Top 30 list for 2014 will be published November 2013) you have to submit your "Application Form" (Appendix 2) and any applicable administration fee to one of the following Member Federations:

  • The Member Federation of any of the Athletes you intend to represent
  • Or the Member Federation of the country of which you are a citizen
  • Or the Member Federation of the country you reside in

Deadline to submit your Application Form – 1 October 2013.

Once your Application Form is accepted, if your name is not listed in the document "ARs Exempt Exam", you have to pass the Examination on 1 December 2013. Further details of the Exam (venue(s) and time) shall be notified in due course.

The conditions to be exempt from taking the Examination are in Chapter 5.4 of the IAAF Athletes' Representatives Regulations.

Once you are notified that your Application Form has been accepted, and you have passed the Examination (if applicable to you), you will have to pay any applicable administration fee to the Member Federation which is issuing the Authorisation and to make arrangements for the holding of professional liability insurance/bank guarantee.

At this point, you will be authorised to represent:

the Athletes of the Member Federation that has issued your Application
and any Athlete from any other Member Federation unless they have a Recognition Process (see below)

If you intend to represent athletes from other Federations (other than the one that issued your Application Form), you must first check with these Federations whether they have a Recognition Process or not. If they do have such a process, then you must apply according to their criteria and fulfil all their requirements in order to be authorised to represent their athletes. They will approve and countersign your "Registration of an Authorised Athletes' Representative" for the athletes concerned (Appendix 4).

For each one of the athletes you will finally be authorised to represent, you will be required to complete, and sign, the "Standard Athlete - Athletes' Representatives Agreement" (Appendix 3) and send it to your Athlete's Member Federation.

Timetable for Authorisation and Registration of Athletes’ Representatives

27 September 2013 IAAF publishes provisional Top-30 List for 2014
(under Related Documents)

1 October 2013 Deadline for persons applying for Authorisation
as an AR to submit Application Form to relevant Member Federation

5 November 2013 IAAF publishes final Top-30 List for 2014

15 November 2013 Deadline for decisions on Applications by Member

15 November 2013 Deadline for Member Federations to submit
questions to the IAAF related to the Member’s regulations for inclusion in the Examination

15 November 2013 Deadline for Member Federations to submit to the
IAAF the list of names of Applicants whose Application has been approved

TBC December 2013 Examination to be held

16 December 2013  Deadline for the issue of Authorisations by Member Federations

15 January 2014 Deadline to submit your AR's Registration Form with the Athletes ranked in the Top-30 of the IAAF World List (as at November 2013) to the IAAF.


This Note is to provide applicants with more information regarding the forthcoming Examination.

Note assumes that you have had or will have your Application accepted by the Member Federation to which it has been submitted and that you are not on the list of persons who are exempt from taking the examination (Exempt List, see Documents panel to the right of the screen).

When and where will the Examination be held?
The Examination to be held December 2013. Date, time and venue(s), together with other logistical information, shall be communicated in due course.

Please be advised that, at the time of the Examination, an applicant must confirm his/her identity by means of an acceptable form of ID (passport or national ID card). Writing materials for the Examination will be provided on site.

What subjects will the Examination cover?
The purpose of the Examination is to ensure that applicants have sufficient knowledge to perform the activity of an Athletes' Representative in the sport of Athletics.

The questions will consist of general knowledge questions about Athletics and the IAAF and more specific questions on the following IAAF Rules and Regulations:

  • Athlete Representatives' Regulations (and Appendices 1-4)
  • IAAF Outdoor Permit Meeting Regulations and Codes of Conduct in International Competitions

Diamond League Meetings
IAAF World Challenge Meetings
IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge
IAAF Combined Events Challenge
IAAF Race Walking Challenge
Codes of Conduct

  • IAAF Competition Rules 2012-2013

Chapters 1 (Rules 1-9)
Chapter 2 (Rules 20-22)
Chapter 3 (Rules 32-35 and 40-41)
Chapter 5 (Rules 140-151 and 260-264)

  • IAAF Advertising Regulations 2012 (Section 4.1)
  • IAAF Anti-Doping Regulations 2011 (Sections 2.9-2.29)

All the documents listed above can be found in the two sections of DOCUMENTS on the right-hand-side of this page.
Please note that, if the Member Federation to which you have applied for Authorisation requires you to answer questions relating to its regulations, then you will have to complete these as well and you will have additional time allotted to you to do this. You will be advised individually beforehand if this is the case.

In what format will the Examination be set?
The Examination will consist of a mixture of multiple choice questions and questions which require short written answers. You will not be required to write lengthy written answers in English or French.

There will be 48 questions to be answered in 2 hours. The pass mark is 75%. A list of Sample Questions can be found in The Documents panel to the right.

NOTE: No reference material may be used during the exam (only one dictionary in hard copy will be allowed in the candidate’s mother language/English or French).

Further Information
If you have any further questions about Authorised Athletes' Representatives, please do not hesitate to contact us at: athletes-representatives-info@iaaf.org


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